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Mana Tech is our initiative to cultivate a thriving and innovative tech community.


Miami is uniquely positioned to become the next great Tech Hub, with a culture of innovation and a fertile environment for growth. Already, many companies have left historic cities like San Francisco and New York and relocated to the Miami area.

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Why Miami?


Previously seen solely as a tourist attraction due to its beautiful year round weather, Miami has evolved far beyond the vacation spot it once was.

With advantages such as quality, low-cost housing, easy access to mass transit and below average wage costs, Miami has emerged as a fast growing technology hub.

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Miami is experiencing the birth of a new creative class. The Downtown Miami population is rising, with a majority of these people being of working age and affluent compared to surrounding areas.

Soon enough, Downtown Miami will be the region's economic engine, and this new creative class will fuel this change.

A New Creative Class

The Flagler District is Positioned for Exponential Growth

Mana Tech actively attracts the most exciting new enterprise to Downtown Miami, providing a truly inspiring, stimulating environment for companies of all sizes.

Miami-Dade Ranks #2 in the Nation for Tech Job Creation – Florida, EMSI and Dice

Miami Ranks #1 in Entrepreneurship

- Kauffman Foundation

Florida is the 2nd Best State for Doing Business

- Chief Executive Magazine

More Than 100 Airlines Providing Access to 166 Destinations

- Miami DDA

No Local Corporate Taxes, Local Personal Taxes, or State Personal Taxes

#1 City with the Happiest Workers

- Fortune.com



Michelle Abbs



Ingrained in the Miami ecosystem for 15 years, Michelle has set vision, formed culture and community, and led groups to substantial results in the education, entrepreneurship and technology sectors.


Previous to her role at Mana Tech, she served as the Director of Babson College’s WIN Lab accelerator program where she supported over 60 female-founded startup companies. During her tenure, the founders created more than 65 jobs, raised over 6 million in capital and realized on average 5x revenue growth.


Michelle was named the Emerging Leader of South Florida in 2018. She serves as a thought leader on entrepreneurship and gender topics having recently founded The Male Ally Project: to engage men in the pursuit of gender equity through allyship.

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